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November 19, 2013


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On Saturday, I rode down to Suisun with my daughter, Gail to visit with our son, Brian and his fiance, Kim and my granddaughter Charli.  Gail takes her boys there when they are in need of a haircut.  Kim is a hairdresser and has a lot of patience with the boys, Gavin who’s 3 1/2 and Konrad who’s 18 months. We went to lunch before the haircuts and had a great time and a great lunch.  We walked over there, they live not too far from the Beauty Salon Kim works at.  Suisun is about an hour from here so I don’t see them too often. After I got home, I discovered that Brian and Kim had sent some photos they had taken during our walk. Seems Charli took charge of Konrad and showed him which way to go!

Just in case he wasn’t sure, she’d pull him in the right direction…

Brian had also taken this one of me and Charli walking together.

These were taken with Brian’s cell phone.  I have others I had taken of the kids and our visit, including the boys getting their haircuts but my photos are kind of large and I won’t post those here.
It was a fun time being with all of them!  Brian and Kim live across the street from the harbor in Suisun.
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